Integrate any component.

With ENQ's advanced architecture, HealthBlocks can seamlessly integrate any component in your organization.

HealthBlocks seamlessly integrates any connected component in your organization with the help of ENQ’s modular architecture for integration. Messages can be transformed from one format to another, and back. They can be routed using a set of logical rules to determine the destination, or even saved in a database for later retrieval.

If you need to translate between message formats, we natively support a few: HL7, ASTM, HPRIM, XML, and CSV. New libraries for other standard (or proprietary) message formats can be developed and tested fairly quickly, usually within a week, and sometimes in as little as a few hours.

Routing messages to their intended destinations is accomplished with rules. They can be routed to static destinations, dynamically, based on message content or time. Messages can be split, aggregated, resequenced, and even filtered when not needed.

Alerts can be sent too!

The goal of integration with ENQ is to minimize, if not eliminate any changes in your current system. We handle all configuration required to adhere to your organization’s current or ideal workflow.

Contact us for assistance with your integration challenges.