About HealthBlocks

Experts in device connectivity and integration.

Our History

Founded in 1999, HealthBlocks began with a vision of creating a web portal for healthcare. The vision was never realized. But, the process lead us to our true calling: middleware for interfacing and device integration.

In 2001, we were asked by a major healthcare device vendor to audit the interfacing process of a 3rd party development company. The company had written a software product that connected with one of the device vendor’s best selling instruments. All was well until the company began developing interfaces to healthcare systems. They quickly realized that no two interfaces are the same.

Three to six months of development for each interface was understandably unacceptable. HealthBlocks quickly determined that developing and testing interfaces for this particular scenario was doable in as little as a week’s time. The 3-6 month average dropped to 2-4 weeks with our help, and with better accuracy.

We took our experience and philosophy on interface development and baked them into a new product: ENQ, a connectivity, interfacing, and integration solution.


What We Do

Since ENQs first production version in 2004, we have solved and continue to solve complex integration problems where other solutions have failed.

Any device or system that can communicate electronically can be connected to ENQ. The data received from these connected components is then translated and routed so that other connected components can communicate with each other. The integration of all components is handled in such a way that your organization’s workflow doesn’t have to change with the introduction of a new device or system. HealthBlocks and ENQ solve your connectivity and integration issues.

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