Connect any device.

With ENQ's extensive communication abilities, HealthBlocks can easily connect with your devices and instruments.

HealthBlocks maintains an extensive library of drivers for devices used in the medical and industrial fields. If a driver doesn’t already exist for something you need connected, it’s usually a quick and easy process to create one.

We routinely develop and test new drivers in as little as a few days to a week, sometimes in a few hours. Once a connection is made over serial RS-232 or Ethernet TCP/IP, the protocol is implemented and we then have complete connectivity with your device.

There are several methods of communicating with devices. To sample a few, we have HL7, ASTM, FTP/S and FTPS, HTTP/S, and NFS. We have experience rapidly implementing proprietary protocols over RS-232 and TCP/IP as well.

If you happen to have source code that communicates with your device needing connectivity, we can probably accommodate you.

Contact us for assistance with your connectivity needs.